A place with space


We’ve been dreaming a bit lately and thought we’d reach out regarding a few changes we are planning on making in our lives. Having been back in NZ for a year now and on track with our respective careers (I’m running a sustainability company called Why Waste, and Tara is a graphic designer), we are beginning to feel the need for a home, a place of love, creativity and custodianship. Living on Mount beach has been incredible; however, the deep desire to be closer to the earth is drawing us away from the limitations of our beachfront property.

As an ocean-going sailor, my relationship to the sea has been a priority for most of my life. However this elemental transition towards the land signifies a maturing, more grounded perspective (though I’ll still have the waka) and crucially, a shared vision with my wife.

In the next 2-3 years, we intend on purchasing some suitable land with the intention of going beyond sustainability to living regeneratively. A place with space – give or take an acre or two – to grow our own food, raise chickens, plant trees, have bees and the like.

We figure we might as well treat the time between now and when we can afford to buy as an opportunity to ‘test it out’ by renting something similar to see if a rural homesteading existence is what we really want.

As future community leaders with strong social and environmental ethics, we are being the change we want to see in the world (thanks Ghandi). So instead of going through Leasing Agents and the likes of Trademe, we’d prefer this transition to be intentional and personal, adopting community pathways to create (or ‘manifest’ as some may say) a more natural outcome – with your help 🙂

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and would love it if you could put us on your radar as the next generation of kaitiaki looking for a place to live – renting in the short term, buying in the long term. In short, we’re looking for leads on ways to make this dream a reality. Referrals, links and connections to people and places which share our mindset, or at least possess the means to enable it in us.

Contact us at findingaplacewithspace@gmail.com or 0220664869 or feel free to leave a comment on here 🙂


5 thoughts on “A place with space

  1. leo and Tara,

    What a fabulous idea! I am sure there must be landholders out there who would be more than willing (maybe overjoyed) to provide you with this opportunity. I can think of some connections that I would pass on your info to. Well done on taking up an idea and running with it. All the best.


  2. You guys rock!! does it need to be a piece of land in NZ? I know a guy in Hawaii wanting some lovely people like yourselves to steward his land…..I guess it would depend on how long of a visa you can get for the states also huh…
    will keep an ear out for you two


  3. Sounds great, this is a dream for many including myself 🙂 I know Pete was looking to sell his place down in Omaru – he would probably be keen on you doing a trial or something, he takes woofers – his place is called autumn arena and you can find it on Facebook x good luck with your new quests! You are truly wonderful and inspirational people! Frenchy x


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